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Landlord Insurance

Rental cover explained

Depending on your landlord’s insurance policy, you may be able to get protection for your rental income. Your policy may cover your losses (up to a dollar amount or number of weeks) if your tenant misses payments or can’t pay their rent, or if a tenant breaks their lease early and it results in you losing rent.

Also, if your tenant owes you an amount of money and you need to take them to court, your landlord’s insurance policy may cover your legal costs.

However, each landlord insurance product is different, so you should always refer to your PDS to see exactly what’s covered.

What events does a landlord’s insurance policy cover against?While this might not come as a surprise to many investment property owners out there, landlord insurance won’t cover your property (and/or the contents inside) against every possible event or scenario.

That being said, it can be an exhaustive list!

Standard landlord insurance policies typically offer protection against: