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The Build to Last retrofit program, designed by the CTS research team, addresses the following main causes of structural damage and expensive insurance claims.

RoofingStructural roof failures are prevented by tying the roof to the ground to handle high winds. This greatly reduces the cost of repairs, size of insurance claims, chance of other buildings being damaged by flying roof debris, and time spent by the community cleaning up roof debris. Roof upgrades range from $3,000 to $30,000.
Doors and windowsProtecting doors and windows prevents them letting in wind and rain and causing internal structural pressure and damaging contents. This would reduce the cost of insurance claims by at least 8% or up to $15,000. DIY window coverings cost around $1,360.

Community preparednessMaking residents in the community aware and prepared reduces the sheer number of claims. It includes asking them to secure their garden sheds, remove shade sails, and bring outdoor furniture inside. 86% of claims after Cyclone Yasi were for minor and preventable costs. Community awareness and preparedness delivers benefits at a 14:1 Benefit-to-Cost ratio.

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